Make a Donation

PTO raises most of our funding from fundraising events, but we are also reliant on donations from parents to achieve our commitment to Laguna.


 Does your company match donations?

For payment plans and any questions,
please contact Laguna Treasurer.



PTO gifts over $90,000 annually to Laguna Elementary:

  • Staffing of our Science Lab, Computer Lab, Instructional and Classroom aides
  • Campus security upgrades
  • Technology for teachers & students
  • Accelerated reading programs
  • Classroom set up supplies
  • Student portfolios
  • Word Masters and Art Masterpiece programs
  • Staff training and development
  • Spelling and Geography Bees
  • Teacher appreciation activities

The Laguna PTO is recognized as a non-profit 501c (3) organization by the IRS.  Tax Identification Number 86-0792272.
Please keep your Paypal receipt as proof of donation or contact our treasurer at