Thank you for our generous Laguna PTO Family Sponsors! Over $500 donation: The Kilburgs The Kaushesh Family Pedro Romeiro & Victoria Thomas-Romeiro, The Walsh Family, William and Diana Jones, Lajoie Family & GE Capital. Roga Family, Karen & Doug Wooster, The Young Family, Shane Harward, The Kelly Family, Anonymous, Archuleta Family, Jens Gaustao, Biancucci Family, Jeanna Zelin, Rob & Joanna Williams, Carly Johnson, Tracy, Dean & Jacob Stone, Leslee and Shane Kelly, Linda Levine, Mark and Ramona Jennings, Parkhill Family, The Passon Family, Aravazhi Muthusamy, Lynda Molden, The Hudson Family & Smart Wireless, Logan Herger, Adam and Anda Feldman, Grace and Salvatore Costa, Pettigrew Family, The Hurter Family & IBM, Justin & Jen Roberts, Polly and Micheal Wolff, The Leber Family, The Ferris Famliy, Michelle Glancy.


The PTO supports and engages Laguna's staff, students and families; encouraging the maximum energy of the entire community.





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